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  • Your dishwasher is meant to make your life effortless and easy. Probably for most Bonita Springs’ homeowners, they adore the comfort that it has to offer since washing dishes is not really fun. One appliance breakdown can quickly result in your kitchen nightmare. Sometimes bad things happen. Your trusted dishwasher stops working. Take a moment of your time and attention to these 5 dishwasher signs (for repair or replacement) to catch, detect, and prevent your appliance from total breakdown. Sign No.1: Your dishes don’t feel hot. Perhaps the most significant factor in clean, germ-free dishes is hot, boiling water. If you’re getting rid of your dishes from the washer in a timely manner post-cycle and they are not coming out toasty and steamy, there may be a problem with the heating coil[...]

  • Every household in Estero should be grateful to the inventor of the refrigerator, for their lives would be much harder without them. As for most people, refrigerators are just taken for granted and the supposedly care from the heart that they should deserve is brushed away in the sidelines. Basically, refrigerators are vitally essential for keeping our food cold. In keeping your food refrigerated, your food would not rot and be spoiled. They also keep medicines cold, preventing it from contamination and spoilage which is very important to people’s health conditions. Refrigerator systems may offer more a variety of practical benefits to every Estero household such as: Food preservation Lessening the risk of food poisoning Efficiency of fresh food Better organization of stocks [...]

  • Appliances can make it difficult to determine whether they need a professional appliance repair, or they just need a small tap in the back. It might be possible that the appliances in Southwest Florida homes are giving trouble and one does not know if they already need professional appliance repair services. If one is in need of a professional touch, here are some companies in Southwest Florida that are some to be considered in appliance repair.   1. Appliance Doctor.   Website: Phone Numbers: ☎️239-992-0505 (Estero/Bonita) ☎️239-936-0111 (Fort Myers) ☎️239-540-9500 (Cape Coral) ☎️239-434-7546 (Naples) ☎️239-642-0505 (Marco Island) ☎️239-353-2020 (Golden Gate) ☎️239-732-0111 (East Naples)   Appliance Doctor - over 27 years o[...]

  • Since the invention of John W. Hamme’s first garbage disposal unit in 1927, the American people’s way of disposing of their household food waste, scraps or garbage has changed over time and garbage disposal has become an essential part of every American househ[...]

  • Nowadays, becoming a homeowner is never easy. The responsibility of maintaining and sustaining the appliances of our homes should be well established by keeping them in good working condition. Without our refrigeration appliances like freezers and ice mak[...]

  • Nowadays, almost every home has a refrigerator. A refrigerator has a heat pump system capable of transferring heat from the inside of the fridge to its external environment, in order to let the insides of the fridge to be cooled to a temperature below the room[...]

  • We invest in things that make our life easier than ever. Even if it costs us a few dollars, amount always justifies the quality and its purpose in our daily living that is why we were fond of investing our earnings on machines. Nowadays, our technology form[...]

  • The holiday season is almost here!  Your home appliances are probably working overtime...again! Are your home appliances ready for the holidays? Don’t let your appliances be the cause of your holiday stress. Whether you are planning a prestigious family gat[...]

  •  Kitchen appliances are devices used in food preparation.   The examples of kitchen appliances include garbage disposal, ice maker, food processor, refrigerator, oven, coffee maker and so on.  Among the food preparation equipment, the oven is the most commonly[...]

  • Of all the appliances in your home, the refrigerator is the one you rely on the most.  This is because we rely on our fridge to keep things cold and keep our food safe for consumption. Homeowners often assume that as long as the refrigerator is still blowin[...]

  • Ever experience repairing your appliance from a certain technician and finding the same problem, or maybe you find a new one that has never been there before. The question remains to be seen, what should you do when appliance repair goes wrong? Would you let t[...]

  • Dishwashers have come a long way and have made an impact on American lives. With the advancement of the latest technology and so the American lifestyle that follows with it, dishwashers help mold the ever-changing evolution of how we live. A dishwasher is a[...]


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